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The events you are registered for have an "already registered" link below. Click on that to see information about your registration.

The following are general policies on event registration which apply unless the description of an individual event states otherwise.

Cancellation: Contact the event organiser for cancellations or any changes to your registration. Once you have registered for an event you've committed to going and the deposit (or full payment) is due immediately. If you cancel before the date the final payment is due you still owe the deposit, and if you cancel after this date (or simply don't show up) you will lose the full amount. We need to do this unfortunately because a number of people register for events to reserve a place for themselves and then decide later if they really want to go, expecting that they can just cancel - apart from being unfair to other members, this causes a lot of work for the volunteers organising the events and reducing this workload means that people are happier to run events and that there will continue to be someone to run events in the future.

Changes: Contact the event organiser for cancellations or any changes to your registration. This includes adding additional guests. Please don't register a second time to try to add guests as this just creates a mess! Unfortunately our booking system does not allow members to make changes directly.

Risk/Insurance: Taking part in a ski club event is done at your own risk, just like taking part in an event with friends; these are club trips, not commercial trips. The club and its representatives does not take responsibility for the actions of its members and does not have insurance to cover injury, or damage to or loss of your property. In particular, if you go skiing/boarding on a club trip it is highly recommended that you make sure you are insured for mountain rescue; note that this is not covered by normal medical insurance in Germany, and in the unlikely event that you need one a helicopter ride can be very expensive.
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