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The following are general policies on event registration which apply unless the description of an individual event states otherwise.

Cancellation: Contact the event organiser for cancellations or any changes to your registration. Once you have registered for an event you've committed to going and the deposit (or full payment) is due immediately. If you cancel before the date the final payment is due you still owe the deposit, and if you cancel after this date (or simply don't show up) you will lose the full amount. We need to do this unfortunately because a number of people register for events to reserve a place for themselves and then decide later if they really want to go, expecting that they can just cancel - apart from being unfair to other members, this causes a lot of work for the volunteers organising the events and reducing this workload means that people are happier to run events and that there will continue to be someone to run events in the future.

Changes: Contact the event organiser for cancellations or any changes to your registration. This includes adding additional guests. Please don't register a second time to try to add guests as this just creates a mess! Unfortunately our booking system does not allow members to make changes directly.

Risk/Insurance: Taking part in a ski club event is done at your own risk, just like taking part in an event with friends; these are club trips, not commercial trips. The club and its representatives does not take responsibility for the actions of its members and does not have insurance to cover injury, or damage to or loss of your property. In particular, if you go skiing/boarding on a club trip it is highly recommended that you make sure you are insured for mountain rescue; note that this is not covered by normal medical insurance in Germany, and in the unlikely event that you need one a helicopter ride can be very expensive.

Upcoming events

    • 21 Apr 2018
    • 20:30 - 23:30
    • Lindwurmstraße 37, 80337 München
    • 64

    To all Snow and Sun lovers out there !

    Members and friends of the Munich International Ski Club ! 

    As the snows melt and hikers and mountain bikers take over the slopes the Club officially closes its skiing season with its "End of Season" Party on April 21st at Provisorium. The bar is located between the U-bahn stations of Sendlinger Tor and Goetheplatz.

    The party starts at 20:30 and ends until the last one of us gets kicked out :-) (the bar closes at 5AM) 

    Prices are 10€ for Members and 15€ for associates and guests.

    The price includes tapas / antipasti and a welcome drink.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Luis at


    We are looking forward to seeing you there - Don't forget to tell your friends to join !! The more the merrier !

    • 26 Apr 2018
    • 18:00 - 23:00
    • in the Hippodrom tent located at the Frühlingsfest, Theresienwiese

    On behalf of our long time member Dorian Dowdy it is my pleasure to pass enclosed invitation to the Members and Friends of the Munich International Skiclub:

    Do not hesitate and join us, we had great time there in the past years!!

    For reservation, please contact Dave directly!

    Dear Friends of the Munich International Skiclub,

    Johanna Barsy, Tina Krätz and the entire Hippodrom team again cordially invite us to the annual Bavarian-American Friendship Day celebration. This is the party that we have all been waiting for.

    Each guest will receive a pretzel free of charge and be able to purchase those fabulous hamburgers made from Kobe-Beef at a special-reduced price only for us. The tables will be decorated, and I will let you know at a later date where we will be sitting in the tent. As in each year  Linda Jo Rizzo will be performing onstage with a selection of rock, pop and soul songs that will have you on your feeting dancing. This will be a memorable event always enjoyed by everyone.

    There will be no cover charge nor advance payment to be made. You only pay for what you consume. There is no particular dress code, but if you have something in Bavaria-look in your closet please feel free to wear it. Our tables will be ready at 6 p.m., and we ask you to arrive no later than 7 p.m. to be assured of your reserved seat. We have arranged for ample security in the tent.

    I am accepting reservations for  individual seats or tables.  Everyone is invited, not only clubs and organizations but also individual guests. This celebration is truly international. Last year I counted guests from over 20 countries. If you plan to join us please confirm to me by return-email so I can arrange enough seating for everyone. Last year we had about 700 guests in total, and this year I would love to increase the figure to 1.000.

    This is how we do it! Let's have some fun.

    Best regards,

    Dave Dowdy


    On Facebook:  TripleD Events

    • 02 Feb 2019
    • 09 Feb 2019
    • 2 sessions
    • Arabba
    • 9

    2019 will be the year the MISC goes Fodom*, the tiny little Heart of the Dolomites, a really special place. Join us for another unforgettable trip, with amazing opportunities to ski, reachable in front of the door. This time we go straight into the center. On the map you should look for Arabba at the south-eastern edge of the Sella Group.

    First, you should think early about signing, even though now spring and summer are approaching and you have other things in mind. We start prearrangements extraordinary early, but if many of you claim interest, I will try to reserve more rooms to fulfill as many wishes as possible. (But the later I try, the harder it will be to get rooms, so I´m afraid later sign-ups to waitlist could end in a disappointment. Affordable Rooms are sold-out very early there)

    Skiing opportunities: 

    You have the famous Sella Ronda, the Marmolada with its incomparable view easy to reach, challenging rides on the north side of Porta Vescovo and a large variety of easier pistes in the area of Cherz, Pralongia and Col Alt. Historical interests can be satisfied on the Giro della Grande Guerra (and by me, as long as you wish). And this is only an excerpt. All of them can be reached from the first lift 50 m from the Albergo, no car needed in the morning (or the evening ;-) ) And there is one more really marvellous thing, I will tell you later, to keep up curiosity a bit.
    (I´d say: If you haven’t skied there, you don´t know the Dolomites)


    We will stay in Albero Pordoi with a long family tradition in the center of Arabba. Franco Furgler and his charming staff will welcome you. By now 7 double rooms are reserved as a start for the whole first week of February, but we offer to you half weeks. You can choose to sign from Saturday to Tuesday or Tuesday to Saturday. If you wish to stay a whole week, just sign for both parts. If already sold out, sign for waitlist and I will try to organize accomodation for as many as possible.

    Prices are 77,50€ half-board per night for members in double-rooms, and 85€ for non-members. This is for those rooms that are reserved by now. (Later organized rooms for waitlist can have other prizes since I will have to try other hotels also, but I will arrange that agreeing with you).

    Apres-Ski/Evening Party

    Fodom is a calm place, and I love this. To be honest, there is only one small bar (Bar Peter) for Apres Ski. But this one is only 10 m opposite the Albergo Pordoi. And if you wish, also at night we will be able to rock this bar to hell and back. I’m sure Artur Filippin, the Landlord, will let us, as long as there is anyone able to stand upright.


    The trip is planned as a U-drive event, but we will try to get car-sharing groups together, don´t worry about that. It´s a 4h-trip from munich. If we get a higher number of participants, we could think about providing a bus.

    Some more about the location 

    Fodom is a little paradise, not only to me, many people fell in love with it. The first you will see is the amazing landscape, unbelievable beautiful. But you will find even more if you involve into people, culture and history. If you are able to open your heart, you will feel the certain spirit of this place. Everybody who wants to know more can get much information from me, as long as he wants.

    And don´t hesitate to ask me for more questions, wishes or Extrawurscht. I´ll be happy to make this an unforgettable event for as many of you as possible, and to share this extraordinary place with you.

    Terms and conditions

    Registrations will be open for „members only“ till the beginning of May, from that it will be opened for associates also. Once registered, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at 1st of November – payable to the  account mentioned in your invoice.

    Once registered, you will receive an invoice with the bank details. From 1st of November your place is only secured if you have paid the deposit. While the deposit is not received anyone else can pick your place then.

    Final payment of the remaining sum is required by 01.01.2019, otherwise your place will be forfeited.

    The organisers are purely conciliating accomodation, we therefore take no responsibility for any incidents or accidents or other detrimental events occurring before, while or after these activities. You travel, ski and party at your own risk, in a purely private sport activity. By registering you agree to these terms and conditions, including the club’s cancellation policy.

    Cancellation policy summary:

    - The deposits are non-refundable unless you find somebody taking over your reservation. A handling fee of 50 € will be applied in that case.

    - Cancellations will be accepted before 01.01.2019 and any amount paid in excess of the deposit will be refunded. For cancellations made after 01.10.2019 all payments will be forfeited, unless you find somebody taking over your booking.

    * Ladinic name for Italian „Livinalongo de Col di Lana“, a nice valley between Arabba and Pieve (more information here).back

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